Tuesday, May 01, 2007

George Bush is Roasting Babies Alive!

Well, let's just say for a minute that he is roasting babies alive. Cute, cuddly, innocent little babies!

Would that be bad enough to actually stand out among the many crimes, legal and moral, that he and his forces commit every day? What does it take to make a splash in an already roiling typhoon sea?

If you consider the kinds of trespasses that have brought indictment in past white houses, that have toppled governments, you can only conclude that our present crew have taken the game to a whole new level. They are the Bob Beamon of administrations, shattering all previous records for corruption, both quantitatively and qualitatively. They are the new yardstick of sleaze.

Yet to date, the reaction in terms of public condemnation and legal redress has not been in any way proportional, because we have become acclimated to the volume of badness. Just as a single scream is lost in the roar of a crowd, so, inevitably, no crime or abjuring of the public faith is shocking when such violations occur with the regularity of respiration.

It is because it is human nature to become inured to that which is routine that it is critical that every trespass of this administration be queued up and processed by the legal system. Congressional committees, courts, the GAO, special prosecutors--the overwhelming backlog of misbehavin' must be digested by a system that is immune to becoming acclimated to anything, that knows no way to approach the garbage heap of evidence but to laboriously examine and catalog every rotting item on the pile and then hang each reeking piece of filth around the neck of the Dick Cheney who is responsible for it.

The public may be exhausted by scandal, but let the mindless wheels of justice grind.