Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm gonna barf. Again.

"Bush to Seek Cutback in Gas Consumption" is the headline of an AP article previewing tonight's SOTU address. Sweet Jesus. How is it that a man who has been the oil industry's biggest protector, who has worked to remove every incentive and pressure upon carmakers to build energy efficient vehicles, who has done nothing to move towards energy independence for this country, who has disembowel 30 years of environmental protection legislation faster than an underpaid illegal worker at an unregulated meat packing plant can gut a pig, who has installed corporate shills instead of public interest advocates in virtually every government post related to energy or the environment... How can THIS MAN have the BALLS to try to make political hay by positioning himself as an advocate of conservation!?

Black is white! Up is down! Waterboarding is not torture!

If the damage he's caused and continues to cause wasn't so real, so pervasive, so potentially apocalyptic, I might tip my hat to him. Damn, but he's got cojones!

How stupid does he think Americans are? Or better, how stupid are Americans? (And please don't answer that. I don't think I want to know...)

This man will say ANYTHING! I know I seem awfully obsessed with morality, 'specially for someone who can't bear the whiff of religion, but how can you deal with someone like this? Someone who cannot feel shame, who cannot be critical of themselves. Character is, in the end, the only real collateral we bring to our dealings with others. And if you put every ounce of character this man has into a paper bag, it would float away into the sky.

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