Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union? Umm, Not So Good.

The SOTU address is happening now. I'm not watching.

I can't bear to listen. Can't stand to see all those people selectively applauding each bit of politically calculated horseshit that comes out of our President's lying mouth. Clapping a little more for this statement. A little less for that one. Any reaction that can be measured in such nuanced degrees is, in the end, enabling, even validating. Democrats (and Republicans) ought to be turning their backs, shouting him down, walking out. Anything less sends a message: that reasonable people could have a reasonable debate about this administration's conduct, that there is room for negotiation and compromise.

That everything's fine.

That smiling man has trampled on the letter and the spirit of the Constitution. Anything less than saying so to his face is a lie on a par with his own.